be2 is one of the world’s largest online dating platforms. With over 20 million registered users on 6 continents. However, be2 makes sure that you do not get lost on your journey: with its proprietary personality test and search mechanism the platform steers you into the right direction. Throughout our website we distinguish between “dating” and “matchmaking” – in the case of be2 this distinction is misleading as the site combines a highly sophisticated personality test with a geographical search function. This ensures that you get suggestions which are based on your personality. On the other hand you can also browse profiles based on certain search criteria. We think that particularly for South African users this is an excellent combination as it makes life easier to first look “at your doorstep” for new a partner.

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Usability and Safety:

As a truly international player be2 adheres to the highest standards when it comes to data security and safety. There is nothing much to add really. A company of this reputation could not afford to compromise on these items.

From a usability perspective we really like the “everything” at a glance structure of your profile pages. You see your activity as well as new partner suggestions on the first page after log-in.


If you are serious about finding a new partner, we recommend you to sign up for a 6 months subscription with be2. However, pay attention to the great special offer for the 1-month trial!

Subscription length Monthly Cost Total Cost Savings*
1 month R72** R72*
3 month R871 R2613
6 month R435 R2610 50 %
12 month R435 R5220 50 %

*Comparison of cost per month with 3-month subscription cost
** New trial offer (with 6-month renewal)

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